Our Clients

Since 1997 we have been proudly serving the following clients. Please drop us an e-mail if you wish to talk with one of our customers about their experience with us.

Bayer Animal Health in West & East Europe, USA, and South America;
Bayer Crop Science in West & East Europe, USA, South America, and Asia;
Bayer Vegetable Seeds in West & East Europe, USA, South America, and Asia;
CSK Food Enrichment in The Netherlands and Poland;
Eastman Kodak in Europe and USA;
East-West Seed in Thailand, Philippines and India;
Ernst Benary Samenzucht GmbH  in Europe and USA;
Findus - Iglo (Nomad Foods) in Europe;
Giesecke & Devrient in Germany;
Gentherm in East Europe;
Harman Becker Automotive in Europe and USA;
Helm AG  in Europe, USA, and South America;
Herberts Powder Coatings in Europe and USA;
Holland Fyto  in The Netherlands;
Incotec  in Europe, Brazil, and USA;
International Seed Federation in Switzerland;
Keter Group in West & East Europe and Israel;
KWS Saat AG in Germany and The Netherlands;
Luxoft in Russian Federation and Ukraine;
Matsen Chemie in Europe;
National Football League (NFL)  in USA;
Perkin Elmer  in USA;
Pop Vriend Seeds  in The Netherlands;
Scitex Digital Printing  in Europe, USA, and Israel;
Sony Ericsson  in Germany, Sweden, and Japan;
Southwest Airlines  in USA;
ThermPhos  in Germany and The Netherlands;
United States Department of State  in USA, Europe, Africa, and Asia;
Politie Nederland  in The Netherlands.